Logo Philadelphia Underdogs shirt

The end of the year Logo Philadelphia Underdogs shirt . Is just around the corner and with that we can already feel the dread for the “presents rush”. You don`t have to worry!has covered you with this valued holiday gift guide. This will clearly make your lives a lot easier. Whether you’re looking for the … Read more

Moment Collection Kendall Roy Succession shirt

Basically Moment Collection Kendall Roy Succession shirt . Rick has gone from the embodiment of an uncaring universe, made human by his attachments and sympathy, to the embodiment of the patriarchy, made inhuman because he doesn’t care about anything but himself and oppresses everyone around him. Mind pointing out the moments when Rick was outwitted by average … Read more

Stay Puft Marshmallow New York City shirt

We tried to officially adopt it at one point Stay Puft Marshmallow New York City shirt . but the motion never really carried past putting pop into liters. Interestingly, some imperial measurements are pretty metric-friendly (a watt is 1 joule/second), but then we mess them up (why use Kilowatt hours?? that’s 1 joule*hour/second?? Just use … Read more

Cucamonga Strong Style Shirt

Went on an Irish pilgrimage Cucamonga Strong Style Shirt . someone in our group loved cows, and as we traveled around, she would exclaim, “Cow! Cows!” when she saw cows, there were plenty, but definitely more sheep. This cute cow is the mysterious source of Kerrygold. Lol, yeah, I’ve been there once in my life. Live in … Read more